Community Care

Our Partners

West Dayton Health Promotion Partnership

The West Dayton Health Promotion Partnership is an initiative designed to address the social determinants of health in West Dayton. We take a holistic approach to addressing social, educational, and health care needs that may impact mental health outcomes. The WDHPP, our collaborative effort, helps support the overall health and well-being of children and families who reside in our inner-city communities.

West Dayton Pantry Partnership

Sunlight Village works with Marketplace Movement, So Loved, and the Food Back to address food insecurity in West Dayton. Our Food Pantry is open to the community every 3rd Saturday of the month at Market Place Movement.

Desoto Bass

West Dayton Strong is a volunteer initiative of the West Dayton Health Promotion Partnership. We are currently working within the Greater Dayton Premier Management’s Desoto Bass Property Site to provide encouragement and mentorship to children. We do this by interacting with the youth through summer and afterschool programs.

We primarily serve children in the 45417 & 45402 zip codes focusing on academic achievement, social-emotional skills, family engagement, and overall health and well-being, while building sustainable community relationships.

Our Babies Count

Our Babies Count is an intiative to increase education and awareness regarding infant mortality. Sunlight Village in partnership with Marketplace Movement and Public Health Dayton and Montgomery County support prenatal care and education to expecting mothers. In addition, Sunlight Village supports Marketplace Movement in their efforts to educate men both before and after the birth on the importance of their role in their children’s lives. This is achieved through the clergy’s various manhood initiatives. To find out more, please contact us.

Montgomery County Juvenile Court Wellness Program

Sunlight Village supports the mental health and wellness of our youth in Juvenile Detention through Project Empower. This initiative provides support groups, education, and mentorships.